What can I do?

  • Presume arsenic in objects described in this eTool.
  • Hazard label objects in storage.
  • Record hazards in a collections database.
  • When handling arsenic objects:
    • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Nitrile gloves are sufficient if you can avoid disturbing arsenic-contaminated dusts. If you cannot, wear protective clothing (e.g. overalls, lab coat) and a dust mask.
    • Do not run fingers through feathers or fur of taxidermy.
    • Do not shake out dust or debris from object packaging.
    • Avoid touching face or skin with contaminated gloves.
    • Do not eat, drink or smoke around objects.
    • When work is finished, remove gloves and wash hands.

Three warning symbols are used for arsenic hazards (toxic, long-term health hazard and environmental hazard)