Where might you find them?

Lead will be found in almost any collection. Some examples include:

  • Archaeology – coffins, plaques, figurines, brooches, coins, nails.
  • Architecture – rain water goods, plumbing, stained glass window cames.
  • Art – lead supports in plaster casts, lead pigments in painting, lead glazes in ceramics.
  • Costume – textile weights.
  • Medical – x-ray radiation shielding.
  • Natural history – lead paint on taxidermy specimen mounts.
  • Numismatics – coins and medals.
  • Pharmacy – an additive to medicines.
  • Printing – type metal.
  • Social history – painted toys, die-cast figures, shot, fishing weights, pewter tableware, lead crystal glassware, lead batteries.
  • World cultures – decorative metal work.